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Welcome to our online office. The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

As many as 2 million non-resident Canadians will now have a say in the 2019. Does this make sense to you? ... See MoreSee Less

As many as 2 million non-resident Canadians will now have a say in the 2019. Does this make sense to you?


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As an immigrant to Canada I find this to be an insult to the meaning of being a Canadian. Voting is a is a right for Canadians not a priviledge for anyone parked within our borders.

Residents of CANADA along with photo ID should be the ONLY people that can vote!!!!

I'm not a violent person. I don't condone violence or agree with it. But if I could punch one person in the face over and over again. It would be Trudeau's.

We are Canadians,,our family fought for our freedom.. YOU JUSTIN AND ALL LIBERALS ARE NOT FOR OUR COUNTRY.. No person who is not a citizen of Canada should be allowed to vote.

Just goes to show how corrupt the Liberals have become.

it's called buying votes.

Absolutely not! Non-resident Canadians SHOULD NOT have voting rights!

Liberals and trudeau trying to stack the deck in their favor and at the expense of actual Canadian citizens

This does not make sense. Trudeau has been letting people into this country just so he can get the votes.

This is another example of buying votes . you cannot vote if you aren’t a citizen of Canada. Breaking the law again.

Non citizens ave no business or right to any votes in our country !

You should have to be a Canadian citizen with a residence in Canada makes absolutely no sense and they are just repeating the mistakes being made in America... lax, loose, voting rights. In the real world only residents actually living in Canada who have voter ID should be allowed to vote.

Only way for a liberal to win is cheat!

Liberals are worried so they show their corrupt cheating ways.

Rigging the next election, who'd a thunk it ?

What has happened to our laws and beliefs ???

how is it even legal though. how does the Senate even allow this to pass.

The reason Americans can vote , no matter where they live is because they have to pay income tax regardless of where they live. If people want to vote in Canada then pay taxes in Canada.

Trudeau vote big surprise there.

Topical liberal government just wants the votes . Isn't it illegal to vote without a citizenship, I will note vote for any liberal .

Is this for real? Against all common sense. Have all these Liberals actually lost their minds. Conservatives have to repeal this at the earliest opportunity. Can we as Canadians do anything to stop this madness?

So I guess that's how he can guarantee that he will win the election

No one should have a vote in a Canadian election unless they actually live in Canada ,and suffer the consequences of who they vote for.

How can any thinking Canadian of any colour, party,gender, or former nationality think this is RIGHT

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6 hours ago

Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada

Andrew Scheer
Justin Trudeau won’t even answer simple questions about his new Carbon Tax, like whether the GST and HST will be charged on top of it, and double-tax Canadians. The Liberal claims that you’ll be better off paying a new tax and higher prices don’t hold water.
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Of course GST will be charged on top of it. That’s the only reason why they implemented the carbon tax. It has nothing to do with climate change. They just needed to figure out a new way of taxing people without them knowing they’re being taxed until it’s too late. That’s what they do.

Nothing but wealth distribution. Canada’s biggest ponzie scheme ever.

Justin has his eyes on the world stage with his UNPA global government with his UN.

what is the " price of pollution" when raw sewage is dumped into our waters?

It won't. The carbon tax isn't designed to reduce emissions. It is designed to damage economies and drive business activity to lower cost jurisdictions. All the PST/GST/HST does is make that plan more effective.

Tax Tax Tax Don't you love Liberal governments ? ?

Gee reminds me of another lefty saying “you have to pass the bill, to see what’s in it”,

The Ontario Wynne Liberals added the 13% HST on the carbon tax when they introduced the cap & trade ( carbon tax ) so count on Trudeau making the Provinces add the GST on the carbon tax !!

Trudeau can't answer simple questions properly because he knows how unpopular it would be with Canadian's. Which begs the question that if it's unpopular with Canadian's and universally loathed why is this Liberal government moving ahead with it??? Tony

Carbon tax will cost taxpayers...♾

Why aren't you addressing UN 2030?

Trudeau lite won't answer simply questions about his stance on the UN invasion pact.

STOP asking questions, and start answering them the way you would for the Canadian people

I read somewhere that the GST will bring in $250 million plus a year in tax

Does not listen. Harper2.0 is laughable as a "leader". GET STUFFED

It is time you tell us, stop wasting your time asking the same question over and over

Don’t waste your time with this p.o.s...He’ll here from all of us in less than a year...

Mr. Sheer, you don't want him to answer because it will be just another lie

Look Pinocchio’s brothers Justin and Bill.

Maybe a simple question from a simple man with no direction or alternative solution isn't worth answering!

I am sick of you.


No way

Well from an Albertan I can tell you that we pay the GST on the carbon tax. Yup we are double taxed on our home heating bills. As well as the double tax our carbon tax is higher than the actual cost of natural gas. So for all you folks that think the carbon tax has anything to do with the environment let me set you straight. It is a tax grab that does nothing to help pollution other than to ensure that you can not afford to put gas in your car, buy groceries or heat your home. So your contribution to saving the environment is just giving the government all of your money while you sit at home freezing and starving to death. Well I guess if killing off over half of the population of Canada helps eliminate pollution then yup the carbon tax is an awesome idea. This may be a little dramatic but as Trudeau intends to raise that tax every single year then this scenario is not too far in the distant future. If you can not afford the price of gasoline and natural gas now at $20/tonne, just imagine how much it will cost when Trudeau jumps the price up to $200/tonne!

We'll be better off without any liberals.

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