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Welcome to our online office. The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

Andrew Scheer
Justin Trudeau has failed Canada on foreign policy and Canadians are paying for his mistakes. As Prime Minister I will return Canada to our proud legacy of strength and resolve on the world stage.
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Lets put it this way Canada has a leader with no balls and no brains.jerry

So what would Scheer do? Take his broad dishwashing experience and confront China with what? I've heard no intelligent alternative to the Trudeau or the Canadian approach to China. Our armed forces gonna scare them? We gonna boycott their rice? Tea? Scheer gonna free that Hueiweiii hey hey executive maybe but that would only piss off his masters in the Republican National Committee. ... Trudeau can release her. No problem. If push comes to shove. When it comes to international issues, Canadians whether Liberal or Conservative better start playing from the same playbook.

Andrew Scheer
The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is simple: Liberals put their faith in government, Conservatives put their trust in Canadians. Today I’m speaking in Vancouver on my vision for a Canada where everyone can dream big and succeed. Watch:


La différence entre libéraux et conservateurs est simple: les libéraux croient au gouvernement, les conservateurs croient aux gens. Aujourd’hui, je suis à Vancouver pour parler de ma vision d’un Canada où tout le monde peut rêver et réussir. Regardez:
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Actually, it's Canadians who grant their trust to elected representatives with the expectation that they will faithfully do their best to make a better future for ALL Canadians.

Refreshing to hear a leader string a full coherent sentence together.

The difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives is the color red and the color blue. That's about it

Well Trudeau said aaaaa bbbbb they sell it us and we sell it to them aaaaa ba

didn't hear any uhs,uhs,um,um,there

Andrew Scheer gives us a point by point breakdown of what his grand vision for Canada is and some people are still saying he does not have any substance? Communists really love doublespeak...

I don't know if you can repair what Trudeau has done unless you ban Saudi oil and fire up Alberta to pay off the debt he has created, but just listening to someone speak like a normal person (not listening to the voice in your ear) is extremely refreshing.

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A Conservative government will ensure that Canadians get to keep more of their hard-earned money so that they can get ahead and not just get by. ... See MoreSee Less

A Conservative government will ensure that Canadians get to keep more of their hard-earned money so that they can get ahead and not just get by.


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I hope they never put his face on our currencie.

Screw that picture. I better never see Canadian currency with his traitorous face on it!

I like universal healthcare. I would rather pay taxes and get services, than pay to contribute to the obscene wealth of the 1%.

Vote for Mr Scheer 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Voting Honorable Andrew Scheer for PM who is FOR Canada & Canadians!

A Socialist is someone who eventually runs out of someone else's money ! Stop the Buffoonery this fall election. Say bye bye to Justin.

Justin Trudeau Never Again Not one ☝️ Chance Vote 🗳 Conservative Pretty Soon Good day Amen 🙏🤣💕🤣

If they produce a bill with Justin's face on it, the denomination will be $0, appropriate for a Prime Minister who is a REAL ZERO!\

Imagine HIS face on our currency.... utterly worthless

Question for Andrew Scheer. If the Conservatives get elected to power in October's election, will you finally cancel taxation of "services and labour", Also, taxation of any and all food items that are consumed should be tax free, especially in restaurants and fast food establishments..🧐🇨🇦

One think about the conservatives, they will make sure their best friends and “donors “ the big corporations and dirty wealthy will not pay taxes. They will get a big cheque. The middle class will pay the taxes and will loose the ability to have good school, hospital care and on and on.


If I ever saw Justin Trudeau's face on a dollar bill, I'd burn it!!!!

Well.....arent we all going to love living under Sharia Law if Little Spud gets in again. Scheer is the only answer to what we have now.

Especially for a politician how never earned a dollar in his life 😡

I had an argument with a liberal who came to the conclusion that the carbon tax pays for itself. My poor brain can't do those mental gymnastics.

I recall you guys brought in GST in 1989

His face is on most toilet paper rolls and in urinals with his mouth always opened. That is where it belongs.


Do you have a plan for seniors? Maybe raising our pensions to match minimum wage?

What's their plans with all the illegals? Pipelines? CPP? SNC? Asking for a friend .

I will believe this when I see it as it didnt happen when Harper was in power nor when Multoney was in power

We already know what the liberals are doing and have done. What are your plans? Tell us what you plan on doing if you are voted in??

This message would be alot more pleasant if Trudeau's face wasn't in it.

Got that right!!! We are taxed to death.

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As Prime Minister, I will make sure that children are protected and that their rights come first. Offenders must face serious consequences that will keep them away from their victims.

Comme premier ministre, j’assurerai que les enfants sont protégés et que leurs droits sont traités en priorité. Les contrevenants doivent subir les graves conséquences de leurs actes et être tenus loin de leurs victimes.

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