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Welcome to our online office. The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

Last election, Justin Trudeau promised that the budget would balance itself in 2019. He broke that promise.

It’s impossible to take seriously any election-year promise from Justin Trudeau.
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Last election, Justin Trudeau promised that the budget would balance itself in 2019. He broke that promise.

It’s impossible to take seriously any election-year promise from Justin Trudeau.


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There is no way on God's green earth that we can have another liberal government in Canada.


The issue is that Quebecers are voting liberal, they don't care about the budget or Canada in general, they just want a Quebecer as PM and more welfare, which Trudeau will deliver at taxpayer expense. Because of them we're most likely getting a liberal minority in October

Well they have cleaned the tax payers out of all their money so I'm sure they have a nice stash around the world now .Mission accomplished for Justin ,Bill and friends high up .


Don't trust this guy with our tax dollars or pension funds. I guess in short just don't trust him never and never will.

He's still lying, his mouth is moving!

Trudeau deliberately broke Canada because he has always been working for the UN

He broke all his promises but one!!! Legalized pot!!! Lol

Flood the pm with ph calls with your discust (613) 992-4211 and email

Just called the line and told them we wanted a police investigation. come on people call in.

Liberals lie and their path of destruction is unbelievable especially in the West.

The budget will balance itself ...... must of thought he was talking to the kids at school

He legalized pot and apologized to almost every group in Canada except the seniors. What more do we want? Quebec thinks they are Canada, the rest of us are shadows. The shadows better get out and vote next time!!

I think PM Stephen Harper warned us about "structural deficits," which Trudeau's father mastered, for which we still pay interest today. Now they will try to bribe Canadians with their own money to stay in power, hoping we'll forget their corruption, dishonesty and incompetence, with crushing first time homebuyers with new and unnecessary mortgage rules heading the list. Don't worry, he just needs some more of your money to help millennials survive government regulation and cost to somehow buy their first home. That kind of help Canadians can do without imho.


The only deficit of Canada is the Conservative party and it’s dumb supporters.

I wouldn't let him do my tax return quite frankly. I told my wife our budget would balance itself , all I got was "the look" lol

One lie after another one cover up after another . How can anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth

I'm confused as are most Canadians . Is giving taxpayer money away an investment plan?

Socialism at its best it will get worse

yes lots of money for those job losses in quebec!!!!! probably the biggest deficit n history with his pre election spending spree for his voter base ... Im sure the west will be screwed again he doesnt need seats here

Most Canadians knew he was dreaming again or toking the green leaves.

He is not ready and still trying to learn and here’s what we end up with. A boulevard of broken dreams.

Helping nobody but their feckin banker friends.

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4 hours ago

Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada

This budget is part of a Liberal cover-up. Conservative M.P. Rachael Harder explains. ... See MoreSee Less


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will they spend $250K on the 2019/2020 budget cover this year?


Conservatives all the way

Slowly losing faith in Wilson-Reybold. She refuses to speak, she stays with the corrupt party and lets Trudeau run rough shod over Canada's laws as she fades away from the spotlight. Something fishy here. It stinks to high heaven.

Let her speak we deserve the truth Justin Trudeau and his party is supposed to be working for the people not for himself and his buddies

Why won’t Jody leave the liberals? She’s just as guilty 🤔

Corruption is intrenched so deep with this group it boggles the mind.

The Liberal has contacted Google to threaten them to change goggle searches on Trudeau & SNC Lavalin .. They want it cut off from the world ! ...They also have CEO Canada Kevin Can a former Liberal insider meet with Bill Morneau and liberal staff .... Trudeau demands FACE BOOK silence all Conservative options under the it bigotry and racism and terrorism !

I think its time Canada votes on a referendum to have Quebec removed from Canada the majority of scandals all involved Quebec prime ministers and Quebec

She wants to speak..Trudeau won’t allow it.

Just like the old Russia/USSR......controlling, corrupted government....

We the people have to demand a public inquirery instead of just crying about the injustice. But, even that won't matter I suppose because the liberals don't care and conservatives don't have the power of the media for support. And remember how everything Harper tried to do was shot down by the courts. And don't kid yourself, there are plenty of liberals in parliament feel Trudeau is damaged goods and would support Jody when things start rolling.

Sounds like Trudeau is channeling his daddy Castro

So both resigned for honesty, and are slapped down. Justin's fan club, cabinet ministers are in for the money not honesty.

I don't get that the Liberals get to decide this.....

Liberals OUT. Completely clueless and out of touch. Cover ups need to stop now

October we all vote the brown shirts out.

its time to stop taking the peoples income taxes long over due

It’s like Putin asking Medvedev to investigate himself. 😂😂😂

is it not against the law to do this and if so then why hasnt a court action been started ?

Openness, Transparency @ Honesty!!! WOW Justin, thought you were running in those values??

I thought balance would just balance itself though?🤷‍♂️

Canadians demand answers! We the taxpayers that pay their wages expect and want answers. If the liberals think this is going away they are sadly mistaken. The more the fight it the more Canadians want answers.

Watch this committee descend to the depths of Joe McCarthy or the show trials of Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.

If they cannot keep their election promises what good is a "promised" budget??

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Justin Trudeau has abused the power of his office to shut down the Justice Committee and cover up his corruption scandal. Justin Trudeau must end his cover-up and give Canadians the answers they deserve. Watch #QP Live:

Trudeau abuse du pouvoir de son bureau pour bloquer le Comité de la justice afin de cacher son scandale de corruption. Justin Trudeau doit mettre fin à ce secret et donner aux Canadiens les réponses qu’ils méritent. La #périodedesquestions en direct:
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