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Welcome to our online office. The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

We are excited to announce that Ontario Premier FordNation will address #CPC18 delegates Thursday night in Halifax! ... See MoreSee Less

We are excited to announce that Ontario Premier FordNation will address #CPC18 delegates Thursday night in Halifax!


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It would be great if Ontario had people living in it that can do some home work before they vote for a person like ford the 👄 mouth by the time this so called premier is finish we are going to be in worse shape than we are now . Were is the money coming from try thinking for yourself he is going to jump off the pier are you going to follow him.

Landslide win, cpc could take some notes

Enjoy Nova Scotia and tell those Blue Noses to support the Blue Wave in their next Provincial Election .

I can't vote for a party that does these things

Let's bring the blue back to Nova Scotia and all the Maritime Provinces

What an incredible leader......A beautiful man I'm so sorry I only gave you 99% of my support in the provincial elections.......I should have give you 110% support Love you Doug

Keep it up, Doug Ford.

Go Doug Go!

Awesome!!! Finally a Conservative on the bill... maybe get Max to speak as well...

Good Job!!!!

Go Dougy Go

Keep up the good work Mr. Ford !

Ford for PM!

, ford🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Doing a great job Doug.

We are behind you 100 % Doug just do it thank you

Well done Doug.

I wish he would call Maxime Bernier up on stage and tell the convention, "this guy was your ticket to a majority government based on principles, not Liberal Lite policies trying to be everything to everybody."

Yes !


Why are they preventing Rebel Media reporting on the convention. You’ll never appease the Leftist media, so why not have some honest conservative reporting?

I hope they will selected a capable federal conservative leader at this convention. This is our last call.

So funny. A man that knows nothing addressing a bunch of people that will believe anything. He is bound to be a hit.

Good tell Andrew he needs to announce Energy East will be a go under his leadership before Sock Boy figures it out.

Looking forward to listening to your speech.

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13 hours ago

Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada

Today I announced that I will travel to India this fall to repair and strengthen Canada’s relationship with India.

As the world’s largest democracy and one of its fast-growing economies, India in recent years is transforming into a rising power in the vast Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

Our two countries share symbolic and cultural bonds born from decades of migration and common political heritage. Standing with a united India is Canada’s gateway to unprecedented human and economic development, and an essential alliance for Canada to strengthen in the face of shared threats.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India damaged this key relationship and we must now work to repair it. As Prime Minister, I will dramatically expand the strategic relationship between our countries and our people and advance our shared security, prosperity and values.
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Just one question - Why spend the money for a tour in a foreign country when you have no official elected capacity to accomplish anything ???

Andrew, I need to see you attack Trudeau about his treatment of the lady in Quebec who DARED to question him about reimbursement to that province for the added bill for illegal immigrants. Canada needs to see you go after him HARD about his treatment of Canadians who simply ask a question. A question, I might add, that was perfectly her right as a tax payer to ask.

Looks like Andrew likes his vacations as well... Andrew still has to win and it looks like yet again the conservative party is underestimating Trudeau based on the polls. Harper did as well, and we know how that turned out. Should be door knocking, not vacationing in India.

You have ONE JOB, and that is to ready the Conservative party to defeat the Liberals and the NDP. Stay home and do that one job. Don't get ahead of yourself.

We are doomed with this type of behaviour. There are many other problems we have here at home. Why don't you go to Quebec and plug that hole in the border. I guess that would be asking too much as a Canadian taxpayer.

Could you maybe finally announce a Canadian tour so people can actually get out to meet you and get to know you. Why let JT take up all the air space?

Stay Home and fire up the attacks on the Weasel Trudope. You can visit India once your elected.

I think this is typical politicians misuse of tax dollars, the issues are at home illegal refugees,lack of progress on trans mountain pipeline,carbon taxes that cause stress on normal Canadians. Stay home if you want my support

Please don’t pull the Trudeau style visit. Dignity and decorum would be greatly appreciated by Canadians at home. We are so tired of being embarrassed by Trudeau.

Tip. Where a decent suit, double Windsor knot and some sensible shoes. That's it. *WEAR. These iPhone keyboards are tiny. Much like the PM's brain

It would be wise of the consevati party to direct their political energies in Canada rather than involving in forien affairsoutßide our country

Maybe you should wait until you get elected to form the next government for such a trip. You sir realy need to take Trudeau head on cause if he wins the next election Canada will cease to exist as we know it! So as the leader of a party that is conservative please sir act like it and stop trying to please every minority group in Canada as the liberals do or you will loose big time next election!

Brilliant. Do everything you can to keep the PM's trip fresh in peoples minds. Having an actual adult in India to contrast them against should be devastating.

No matter how good intensions are with this trip I think timing is so bad. So many people will want PC money spent on travel here in Canada . You need to go to India? Go after the elections. Bad move move here. Just sayin.

Andrew...Going to India is not going to enhance your chances in the 2019 election..Stay home and address the issues that concern all Canadians..The way you are going, the Conservatives will not even form the official opposition in 2019..!!

You need to spend your time in the East getting support. Do the town hall meetings. Trudeau is trying to buy votes with our money.

Please Mr. Sheer, seriously re-think this decision. You have very little to gain and everything to loose ... JT has already created this foolishness ... the PCC can use it ... but we don't need to help him turn your visit into an election issue for themselves. Once the Canadian electorate has elected the CPC and you as our next government, this trip would be a fabulous win for Canada and the CPC ... I am just very concerned about loosing a significant point of leverage before the real battle begins in October 2019

With all due respect you do not have the authority to do this so let's stick with local stuff in country please!

Good for you Andrew Scheer. Our boy blunder with his Mr. Dress up tour kind of fizzled our relations with India. Please show him how it's done right.

That's great! He's doing it on his own dime and hopefully will fix everything else Trudeau F@@k@d up when he's elected

and hopefully you and your troupe will not bother with the Bollywood costumes. Show your hosts there are adults in this country.

In and Out of India, Andrew. Friendly and efficient. Ensure this is about trade and cooperation, not about getting elected. Canada needs a quality, measured, intelligent leader who puts Canadians first. Be that leader. Thank you for reaching out to India. In and Out.🇨🇦

I do support Mr Scheer going to India. He visited the UK earlier. It is quite strategic for a party leader to engage/repair/reassure countries that have seen Canada so abysmally governed as it has under current PM and the liberal rot of other terms. The only way the Conservatives are going to beat the liberals moving ahead to piece-by-piece take apart the liberals. Slow and steady.

He is going to India to make sure we as a nation will have some input when he becomes PM next year to bring jobs here in Canada,and save Canada from the disaster that Trudeau has caused.

This could be really good if its well done. It will clearly contrast Andrew's professional low key approach against Justin's foolish dressup antics. The timing will put replays of Mr. Dressup's trip on TV screens as the fall sitting gets going. I think its a good idea. It will give Andrew national exposure and a chance to look Prime Ministerial. All he has to do is keep his tie out of his soup and he'll look more professional than sockboy.

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