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Welcome to our online office. The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

Bienvenue à Raquel Dancho dans l'équipe conservatrice ! Le mouvement pour notre vision conservatrice positive prend de l'ampleur. PARTAGEZ la bonne nouvelle ! ... See MoreSee Less

Bienvenue à Raquel Dancho dans léquipe conservatrice ! Le mouvement pour notre vision conservatrice positive prend de lampleur. PARTAGEZ la bonne nouvelle !


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We will give them the best answer next October YOUR GONE!

I love how there’s zero respect for trudeau and everyone is talking over him, then sheer speaks and everyone listens, agrees and claps Andrew Sheer you have my vote

Don't look to the liberals for the answers, Dump Trudeau and vote for the Right Honourable Mr. Andrew Scheer2019.

if he answered it would be a lie anyway

Quick question, If Justin was the CEO of a company and there was 10 board of directors questioning him on the companies operation and he did not answer. Would the board of directors have Justin working for that same company in the next 12 hours? Why do we tolerate this man when in fact he is the CEO of Canada's biggest company CANADA???

Answer the questions completely , on the spot . Enough of the scripted, rehearsed, general, irrelevant statements. 👎👎👎👎

I think he needs a nose job with a Mac truck


funny how our smug PM actually smirks when he refers to the word 'privilege'

He can not answer the question he does not know how. That is why he needs the ear piece in his ear. ‘They’ tell him what to say. If you were to talk to him without that earpiece you really hear the hmmm, ahhhh, hmmm!!

Or maybe the question is over his head. I really question if his IQ is over about 110, which is not close to the level needed as prime minister. However with a severe mental problem it is impossible to assess birth intelligence.

Trudeau’s never answered a question in his entire life other than blah blah blah

Has he ever answered a question ?

He’s waiting to hear the response to this question from Butts. Yes, Butts, who was not elected but is the real Prime Minister behind the scene. .....C

Did you see the video of just in acccepting a bribe a fifty dollar, bribe in cash, from the hand of a supporter in public and putting it in his pocket like a ctiminel. Incredible.

Trudeau always has the earpiece on but he is bilugal in both French and English.Makes me wondering who is pulling the puppets strings.Soon Trudeau will sell our country out to the UN with this mass migration policy.We can not wait for an election.He has to be removed by froce.Orgainze picket let the world know we will not tolerate our freedoms being taken away.France is battling their corrupt politicians.So it can be done.

think of what we did in New Brunswick Quebec and Ontario now so any of you want to cross the floor and still have a job

The dude behind him looks always like he is Constipated,oh it makes sense know it’s because Trudump is full of💩

Liberal talking points always avoid answering the question.

It's called "Question Period" - not "Question and Answer Period" - maybe JT is taking it too literal. 😀

How do we get him gone - before it’s too late to recover - if it’s not already- before he makes any more decisions and give aways

What is the required IQ to be a Prime Minister? Seems like the neibours cat wouldn't have even desroyed Canada.

He's good for absoulutly nothing

Liberals have no answers,only theories

The only score i'm keeping is how many times Trudeau doesnt answer a question, or changes the subject, or vilify's the person asking the question.. He needs to go.

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Consisting of that part of the City of Toronto described as follows:

  • Commencing at the intersection of Highway No. 401 with Morningside Avenue, south to the lake
  • Southwesterly along the lake to Markham Road;
  • Northerly along Markham Road to Eglinton Avenue East;
  • Westerly along Eglington Avenue East to Bellamy Road North;
  • North on Bellamy Road North to Lawrence Avenue East;
  • Westerly to McCowan Road;
  • Northerly to Highway No. 401;
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