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3 days ago

Scarborough-Guildwood Conservative Riding Association

"A prominent Canadian politician toured the country and even met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing just a business suit and conducting himself in a mature and dignified manner." - Toronto Sun ... See MoreSee Less

Andrew Scheer certainly doesn't think so... ... See MoreSee Less


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Way too ineffectual and sold us out. The end result was an embarrassing deal for Canada.

Oh my god...what a horrible woman.

Gawd, I can't stand listening to her, just like I can't stand listening to our Prime Minister! She has the most annoying voice ever. No wonder the American negotiator couldn't stand her either

If she needed queue cards for that rediculous tirade, I can’t even imagine what she was doing behind closed doors during tense trade negotiations...

Yes,tough when it mattered..beyond this situation..tough on voting for a child rapist/murderer' s comfort. Tough on our veterans....tough?..when they loose the next election..we'll just all say.."tough..luck huh?"

She screws us. I can’t wait until Andrew Scheer is in charge.

It was all about her. Hair flicking must have irked the U.S. imagine being stuck in a room with her. They did ask for a change of negotiator. Fly on the wall must have bailed. Annoying all about me, my hair my outfit in 15 different colors, and taljing to us and the world as if we didnt understand sentences of more than 5 words. Just go away.

I think America wasn't tough enough on our socialism masquerading as free trade.

The Federal Liberal Party of Canada is a total disaster! Total!

Out of her league right from the beginning, that's how diversity works Justin, you just screwed Canada on the biggest trade deal in years.

Tough?? The liberals are celebrating the fact it wasn’t worse. That is sad. And then there’s that clause on trade with other countries. Already affecting jobs in a baby formula company in Ontario.

Is it me or does her voice sound like nails scraping a chalkboard?

The Liberals were played by the US , out negotiated and out maneuvered at the expense of the country !

BUT Canada is part of Agenda 2030 with the UN. So they are taking ORDERS from them and Soros, so who knows what we are up against. The 17 demands, UNPA, global government. They need a few TRILLION.

Nice cue cards she uses.

The Americans were completely underwhelmed by the liberals.

Freeland must be a short order cook at her other job to have such greasy hair.

Pre prepared response....what gender would have given less away.. oh wait.. all the Quebec dairy farmers get big tax paid hand outs to keep up their Bently payments....

The liberals are only tough on taxpaying Canadians

When negotiating with powerful U.S and they know you are years away fr pipelines to alternative markets that backlogs grain , lumber and other .She had no choice .

Hey the little emogies and smiley faces they worked great lol what a FOOL this person is

Tough, is not the adjective I had in mind. ha ha

They did not have a clue about negotiation. They were just chest thumping.

I think all party liberal or conservative are both or all overpaid.If we want to see a difference let them work for minimum wage and bring a lunch from home.

and the US STILL gets our crude oil at bargain basement prices! good negotiating!

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According to a recent report, Canada’s growth rate of capital investment has slowed to a 40-year low. ... See MoreSee Less

According to a recent report, Canada’s growth rate of capital investment has slowed to a 40-year low.


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I live in Canada and I'd still rather open a buisness in the usa. Why would anyone want to invest in us right now.

Not very surprising. The US government is working FOR it's country. Which country is our gevernment working for? Certainly not Canada.

Trudeau is a massive embarassment to Canada. It getting harder and harder to find anyone who will admit they voted for him.

What do expect when Trudope gives every thing away

Will we survive until the next election? And, now with Trudeau giving voting rights to non-citizens, I despair for my once beautiful country 🙁

That's because the US has a President who puts his country and people first. We have a Prime Minister who puts his looks, coolness and desire for a TEMPORARY seat on the UN "Human Rights" Commission before anything else!

Look at our prime minister do you blame investors for going south of the boarder

But, but Canada has Trudeau and his merry band..

So much for great hair and fancy socks I guess it takes more than that to run a country hmm who knew?!


Canada / Justin is going with Agenda 2030. Justin is doing everything the UN and Soros says. Anything can happen now. Also USPA. Global government.

The trouble has only begun and Trudeau continues to deficit finance gifts around the world

Who thinks the Fraser Institute actually puts out factual reports? Oh right, the Conservative party. Keep those blinders on folks.

And that’s what a family of Trudeau’s have done to our country. You can’t invest in welfare or other social programs

Look who Canada has for a Prime Minister. No Brain Trudydoo.

Even I know the Fraser institute is partly funded by the Koch brothers. How far are we willing to go to get power. Do not like the tactics my party is starting to use coming up to the elect.

true... at the cost of a $1,000,000,000,000 deficit!

Ya and the Trudeau carbon tax scheme isn’t even forced into place yet I imagine that will scare the rest of the investors away and we all lose more retirement money and our 🇨🇦 stocks are worthless and trading at huge discounts.

I wonder when Snarky Ways is going take responsibility for this.

If Trudeau give right to vote to a not citizen that the way Trudeau bring Syrian refugees to vote for him, that why he gave them cars and house and big baby bonus to so many kids, probably they will appreciate Trudeau help, but nothing for our Canadian people or our kids. 😪😪😪😪😪😪

I'm sure if Trudeau could find a way to sell Canada he would! Hopefully there will be a Canada left when the next election comes! 😡

Canada should start selling weapons.

We need to remember the budget will balance itself. So will the trade gap. Q😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Thanks Justin.................😴

Please everybody, take it easy! Trudeau said It will all balance itself out! Don't you believe him?

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My thoughts continue to be with everyone affected in the Old Fort area of B.C. who are still stranded from the landslide. It’s been inspiring to see the community come together and first responders and volunteers working to ensures everyone’s safety.

Bob Zimmer MP on Twitter

“Hundreds of volunteers ready to help Old Fort residents”

Mes pensées sont avec toutes les personnes touchées par les glissements de terrain dans la région d’Old Fort en C.-B.. C’est motivant de voir la communauté se réunir et les premiers intervenants et bénévoles travailler ensemble pour assurer la sécurité de tous.

Bob Zimmer MP on Twitter

“Hundreds of volunteers ready to help Old Fort residents”

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