Don’t Forget Your 2018 Tax Credit!

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It’s that time of year again.

The snow is falling and the sweet aroma of warm cocoa fills the air.

It’s time to make sure you get your 2018 Tax Credit.

Your Scarborough-Guildwood Conservative Riding Association needs your help if we want to Defeat the Taxing ways of the Trudeau Government.

Taxes are going up. Spending is increasing. Billions in government goodies are being dolled out by the Liberals to their cronies and special interest groupseverywhere but here!

Like people waiting for the 54 Lawrence bus in –25-degree weather, the residents of Scarborough-Guildwood are increasingly being left out in the cold!

Life in the riding is increasingly difficult for hard-working families and seniors. Our youth are unable to find meaningful work. Our transit remains woefully inadequate and underfunded. Liberal Promises made, Liberal Promises Broken.

The solution is clear – Scarborough-Guildwood needs change!

We Need Your Help!

…To Defeat the Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau and John McKay at the next Federal election, we need to go full throttle. Your support will help us mount a Strong challenge to the Liberal incumbent John McKay.

We’re going to need all hands on deck: that means volunteers, ads, and resources, to win the riding in 2019.


Take the time to Contribute Today, DIRECTLY to YOUR Scarborough-Guildwood Riding Association, where your Contribution will go to help Your Scarborough-Guildwood Candidate, in the 2019 Election.

With hard work, perseverance and Scheer determination, we can turn Scarborough-Guildwood blue!

It all starts with YOUR Support!

Contributions of up to $400 will result in a 75% tax refund. So for example, if you make a $50 contribution you will get back $37.50.

You can Make Your Contribution by clicking on the Contribution Button Below.

Give today, help bring some Holiday Cheer with Scheer and make it a Blue Christmas for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Greetings!
From Your, Scarborough-Guildwood Conservative Electoral District Association

Marcie Cullis
Scarborough-Guildwood Conservative Electoral District Association

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