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The Scarborough – Guildwood EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

The EDA has important tasks to perform such as:

  1. Ensuring a unified local presence of Conservative Party supporters
  2. Participating in the development and promotion of Conservative Party policies
  3. Promoting  the Conservative Party and to build party membership
  4. Nominating and supporting a Conservative Party election candidate.
  5. Fundraising to support locally and nationally, the Conservative Party of Canada including election fundraising.
  6. Maintaining a local election readiness plan, and supporting the Conservative Party candidate during an election.

The electoral district of Scarborough – Guildwood (Ontario) has a population of 101,914 with 65,217 registered voters in 2015.

Consisting of that part of the City of Toronto described as follows:

  • Commencing at the intersection of Highway No. 401 with Morningside Avenue, south to the lake
  • Southwesterly along the lake to Markham Road;
  • Northerly along Markham Road to Eglinton Avenue East;
  • Westerly along Eglington Avenue East to Bellamy Road North;
  • North on Bellamy Road North to Lawrence Avenue East;
  • Westerly to McCowan Road;
  • Northerly to Highway No. 401;
Riding Map

Board of Directors


President – William Archibald

Vice President/Communications Chair-  – Andreah Charizanis

Secretary – Larry Trimble

Chief Financial Officer – Peter Constantinou

Membership Chair William Archibald

Immediate Past President / Fundraising Chair– Marcie Cullis

Candidate of Record – Carmen Wilson



  • Janet Browes
  • Churchill Piggott
  • Cledwyn Longe
  • Peter Naus